Create Tables of Contents

When you create new topics, you must add them to a TOC in the project.

You can add topics to the main TOC in the main index file. Or you can add them to TOCs in other files to create a second level in your document.

You add files in the .. toctree:: directive, using the file name (RST extension is not necessary.) See Sphinx TOC Tree Documentation for more information.

For example, the main index file for this project contains 5 separate TOCs. They are broken up in order to use headings for each part.

If you add a file to the project and do not include it in a TOC, it will not be built, and you will get a warning when building the project, unless you add it to the excluded files in the file.


In this project, only the top-level headings are listed in to TOC. You can include other levels in an indented list by setting the :maxdepth: parameter to 2 or higher:

.. toctree::
 :maxdepth: 2

In this example, second-level headings will be indented under the topic title in the TOC.

Numbered Sections

You can automatically generate numbered topics and sections by adding the :numbered: parameter to the .. toctree directive:

.. toctree::

Each topic and section is then numbered consecutively in the output.