Add Images

You add images to reStructured Text with the .. image:: directive:

.. image:: path/filename.png
  :width: 400
  :alt: Alternative text

For example this image:


Is added to the reStructured Text file in by the following lines:

.. image:: images/get_started_sphinx.png
   :width: 600

Use Image Substitutions

You can also define a substitutions to reference an image:

.. |Substitution Name| image:: path/filename.png
  :width: 400
  :alt: Alternative text

Then add the image in content by adding the substitution name:

The screen opens:

|Substitution Name|

This is useful if you are using the image multiple times in a project and want to manage it in one location.


You set the image width in pixels using the :width: parameter.

Typically you want to use a width between 400 - 800 pixels.

Alt text

You should add alternative text for screen readers for each image using the :alt: parameter. Provide text that is useful to someone who might not be able to see the image.